(SHORT/TLDR) I'm a lifelong learner and educator who learned to come alove after formal school ended. I now write, coach, and facilitate whole-world thriving in multiple domains of well-being.

(MEDIUM) I spent decades at the JK-12 district level leading math, wellness, mindfulness, RP, IT, and eLearning. I retired to enjoy--and help others explore--a life of alove. In addition to writing and speaking, I offer workshops, support groups, math therapy, mindfulness/wellness coaching, and restorative practices services. I wrote Rebooting Assessment (with Damian Cooper), which won the 2023 IBPA Ben Franklin Gold Medal for Best Book in Education. My passion project Flourishing Classrooms A Deep Dive into Proactive Wellness for Grades 7-12 was published in 2023 by Rowman & Littlefield. 

(LONG) I was a computer engineer (briefly), then an educator (longingly). I taught all things analytical, including physics, math, communication technology, and computer studies. After leaving the classroom for a leadership role, I ran district-wide programs for assessment, bring-your-own-device, cloud computing, e-learning, information technology in the classroom, and mathematics. In that time, I co-wrote The Joy of X: Becoming a Mathematics Teacher, and was a contributing author to Talk About Assessment: High School Strategies and Tools with Damian Cooper. My life looked great, but being so cerebral didn't always feel great.

When a devastating betrayal in 2012 cracked me to the core, I began a healing journey of yoga, therapy, meditation, groups, self-help books, courses, and sharing with loving others. In September, 2013, I experienced an intense, heart-awakening that left me utterly transformed. For two miraculous weeks I felt a deep flow in which life and love merged. It became absolutely clear that we are (all of us together) alive with love--alove. Alove for me means state of absolute openness, joy and flow: a unity with all life and nature. Over the years, I had other peak experiences of healing, gratitude, union, transcendence, or peace. Each one faded, but some essential core remained.

My life from here on would never be the same.

As I connected more deeply with myself, others, and the world, I began running support groups to help hundreds around the world heal and thrive beyond infidelity. A blossoming of loving relationships in my life, followed by further liberating experiences left me feeling even more alove. My previously dominant mental world now felt balanced with an emotional, social, intuitive, and spiritual life.

My career shifted during this time, as I launched district-wide mindfulness, well-being, and restorative practices (RP) programs. I have led thousands of wellness sessions, community circles, group retreats, mindfulness series, and other workshops for both educators and students across my district and North America.

I left education in 2019 to make space for (and help others explore) a life of alove. In addition to writing, speaking, and running support groups, I offer workshops, mindfulness coaching, RP, wellness, and math therapy. In 2022, I wrote Rebooting Assessment (with Damian Cooper), which won IBPA Ben Franklin Gold Medal for Best Book in Education. My first solo book and passion project Flourishing Classrooms A Deep Dive into Proactive Wellness for Grades 7-12 was released in June, 2023. 

I am deeply grateful for my sons, lovers, family, friends, colleagues, and teachers. I would love to meet you, let's connect. 

Peace, joy, and love,

- Jeff (he/him/his)

B.Sc. (Elec. Eng), B. Ed., OCT, IIRP Trainer, H.B.


Math had a grip on me early, providing two things my young boy loved: affirmation and rule-following. The grip tightened as I grew up playing games, studying engineering, teaching physics, and leading math, technology, and business in the school district. Life became (mostly) a numbers game, with periods of analysis paralysis and a disconnect from intuition or even emotion.

After I met Professor George Gadanidis, math and I both softened. George championed math's creativity and other human qualities. As a district-level math coordinator, I helped teachers use progressive and prosocial teaching approaches. My analytical side loosened as I began to protest the top-heavy math curriculum, and rampant innumeracy in high school graduates (even amongst those who take advanced courses). I supported cross-curricular numeracy to reduce the harm math causes.

My most transformative learning experience as a math educator was First Steps in Mathematics. This program and research illuminated (for the first time) how humans progress through developmental phases of numeracy understanding, rather than the traditional approach of students moving through grades of math curriculum by memorizing steps they later forget. If students are given the right learning to understand deeply, they make exponentially more effective progress.

As I moved away from math leadership into other areas, the non-analytical sides had space to flourish. Today, I still love a good spreadsheet, but math is now one tool in my life, not the only tool. I am grateful for my capacity to make sense of the world quantitatively. Math therapy is all about sense-making, not rote learning.  

Mindfulness, Healing, and Spirituality

I was a Halloween-candy-sorting kind of person, but my experiences of healing, mindfulness, and spirituality have been so intertwined that they become a fuzzy whole. The terms healing, mindfulness and spirituality can also be fuzzy, so I offer some definitions:

Despite having Italian, Swiss, Scottish, and German ancestry, I was strangely and drawn to all things eastern as a child. I read Siddhartha at a young age (thanks to my parents well-stocked bookshelf), taught myself to play go, and practiced origami. In university I acquired (and sometimes even read) books like Zen Flesh, Zen Bones, and the Three Pillars of Zen, while deepening my appreciation for the meditative aspects of go. As a young graduate, I enrolled in martial arts for 13 years, where some breathwork and meditation were taught along with a lot of kihon, kata, and kumite. But it wasn't until a work colleague asked me to join her for weekly meditation class in my midlife crisis that I began a snowball-rolling-downhill accumulation of meditation, yoga, breathwork, therapy, healing modalities, and spiritual groups.

When I booked my first therapy session ever I felt some shame as there was nobody in my world who had spoken of therapy in any way. However, after the very first session I wanted more and more--more caring, more authenticity. I eventually worked with several therapists and social workers, often in cycles of a season or two, with time in-between for personal implementation and growth. However, my most powerful and "breakthrough" healing events usually came in the context of other somatic experiences such as cranial sacral therapy, massage/shiatsu, myofacial release, and physiotherapy (thank you Karen Barnes, Jennifer Song, Christine Grant, and Wendy Redfearn)

As I felt the benefits personally of various practices, I launched mindfulness-based wellness programs for students and staff in my school district (based on Mindful Schools and Search Inside Yourself training). Meanwhile, I was personally deepening my breath (thank you Ardith Dean, Jennie Akse-Kelly, and Jacqui Tracy), meditation (thank you Mangala Anshumati, Rick Hanson, Kadampa Centre, Unified Mindfulness, and Shinzen Young), sexuality (thank you Sarah Byrden), yoga (thank you Modo and Be), dancing (thank you Ecstatic Dance Burlington) and whole being realization (thank you Trillium Awakening)

While peak experiences fade, they each left me with some shift or integration that persisted long term. While leading a staff mindfulness session, I experienced for the very first time a quieting of the mind that is now permanently available. After a particularly heart-opening group session, I felt an oceanic gratitude that reframed everyday gratitude practice as obsolete: how can there be a lifting into gratitude if we are already swimming in it? It was in a yoga class that I first experienced an intense, heart-awakening, experience of union and transcendence that left me utterly transformed. For two miraculous weeks I felt a deep flow in which life and love merged. My sense of self diminished to almost nothing, and it became absolutely clear to me at that time that we are (all of us together) alive with love--alove. Alove for me means state of absolute openness, joy and flow: a unity with all life and nature. These benefits of clear mindedness, intuition, alleviating suffering, tilting the spiral of mental activity upward, and deep serenity have been such blessings in my life.