Taking Back “How Are You?” 

How are you? How’s it going? How’re you doing?! These questions are used as greetings so often that authentic replies are rarely expected. The reply most often heard is "fine" rather than genuine. Deepen your awareness of self and social intentions by taking back "How are you?". Transform a superficial greeting into an opening for emotional intimacy and connection. Nourish social and emotional well-being by reclaiming the choice to simply greet or share how we truly are. 

Summary: Ask and respond to “How are you?” differently. 

Time: 10 minutes 

Trust Required: High 

Keywords: caring, circle, communication, emotional, icebreaker, lifeplay, prep-free, social, support

This is a sample activity from the emotional well-being chapter of Flourishing Classrooms. To see all 144 activities click here.

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