Mentorship in HEAL Support Groups

One-on-one connections are a natural extension of the peer-to-peer support that is at the heart of HEAL support groups. Mentor/mentee connections are one way to grow healthy support.

Why HEAL mentorship?

“Was it you or I who were first knocked down? It does not matter. The one of us who finds the strength to get up first must help the other." ~ Vera Nazarian

What is HEAL mentorship?

Mentorship is a voluntary one-on-one relationship between a more experienced HEAL member (the mentor) and a newer member (the mentee). No two mentoring relationships are alike, as each member has their own situation and journey, so mentorship may involve any of the following: 

Who are HEAL mentees?

A mentee is a current member of a HEAL group who is actively attending meetings, and is struggling with any aspect of their healing journey. 

Who are HEAL mentors?

A mentor is any HEAL member, past or present, who is willing to mentor, and has some of the following qualities. Having all qualities is not required.

How do I get started as a mentor or mentee?

Anyone in the group who feels they have some of the qualities above can simply express their willingness to be a mentor, either to a group facilitator or by posting to the group forum. Once approved, mentor/mentee relationships may then start in a number of ways:

Some mentees will prefer to work with a mentor who has something in common with them (e.g., gender, affair details, etc.) but this isn’t strictly necessary. Contrasting experiences can also be beneficial and complementary. What matters most is that both mentor and mentee feel comfortable with each other and so there must be mutual agreement of both mentor and mentee before beginning any mentorship.

How does mentorship end and how long does it last?

Mentoring relationships are temporary, and will last as long as they are beneficial to both parties. Either mentor or mentee is free to end the relationship at any time. When a mentoring relationship ends, set boundaries, respect the process, and express gratitude to each other for your shared time together. Mentees may find a new mentor, or move into a mentor role themselves. Mentors can discontinue mentoring at any time by contacting Jeff Catania. Until then, new mentees may continue to be paired with mentors.