HEAL Support Groups Service

HEAL support groups are constantly evolving to provide better support for members. Members can help by sharing their ideas, time, or expertise, with varying levels of commitment. So if HEAL support groups have helped you personally to thrive beyond infidelity, consider giving back in any of these ways. By tilting the spiral of your life upward and supporting others, everyone is lifted.

Give Feedback

Feedback from members helps shape what is offered by HEAL to improve the experience of future members. All suggestions, feedback, or comments are therefore very welcome.  


We never charge members or collect dues for meetings, so donations really help. Click here to find out more and make a donation.


Mentors are experienced HEAL members who provide one-on-one support to a new member (whether the betrayed or wayward partner), who is often overwhelmed in post-discovery stages of recovery. Full mentorship details here.


Group meetings are better with co-facilitators who can field questions, guide discussion, ensure everyone has a voice, and work in breakout groups. Connect with me if you are interested in becoming a meeting co-facilitator. Co-facilitators who feel ready to run their own meetings solo offer even more meeting opportunities for members around the world in different time zones and/or languages. Connect with me to work out the details and get started.


Get in touch if you have another idea about how to help. Having people who can edit resources, manage new members, and more is very helpful.