Infidelity Support: Thrive Beyond Healing

I help people impacted by infidelity to thrive beyond healing.

Free, Top-Rated Support Groups

Join our group for judgement-free sharing with like-hearted others who have experienced relationship betrayal. Over 1000 members know we are the top-rated, longest running support group worldwide (see our reviews and testimonials). All groups are expertly facilitated and have been constantly improved over ten years of member feedback

“Every situation, properly perceived, becomes
an opportunity to heal.” ~ A Course In Miracles
"In more than two years of therapy, books and courses, I've never had a more positive or helpful experience than with Jeff." ~ Rosa"The most healing place I have found in my whole life." ~ Jennifer"This group, and this man, saved my life." ~ Jane

Best-of-Class Post-Discovery Coaching

Free yourself from daily triggers to enjoy peace, joy, trust, and love again. Get personalized, research-based, guidance to illuminate and accelerate your post-discovery journey. Choose a package below and then book your first session to heal with an expert who has helped thousands thrive beyond healing for over a decade. Find out more about the coaching experience with me, or reach out and connect

Healing Resources

Find healing resources created by and for members throughout a a decade of support groups for hundreds of betrayed partners.