Flourishing Classrooms: Comprehensive Student and Staff Wellness Activities for Grades 7-12

Like never before, our world needs prosocial, flourishing people who care for themselves and each other. Cultivating holistic well-being in schools is a powerfully upstream approach to save society and the planet. Flourishing Classrooms shows educators why and how to do just that, by putting wellness in its rightful place at the very heart of schooling


Help Yourself ... Help Schools ... Help Everyone!

“This is an incredibly valuable resource with a range of benefits. Whether students need to be calmer, build agency with their emotions, create more body awareness, or move out of trauma responses, there are practical exercises that are easy to apply. I know many adults will benefit from these practices as well. This book is chock full of activities to guide students into awareness and harmony with themselves.” ~ Gary van Warmerdam, MindWorks
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