Mindfulness: Human. Being.

I help adults who want to thrive deeply through mindfulness.

Discover Awareness

Discover a loving awareness of life. Learn to think, speak, make decisions, and move with mindfulness. Check out this mindfulness overview.

Uncover Discernment

Uncover your sensitivity and clarity to the world within, and the world without. Get multidisciplinary guidance as you develop attention skills. Purchase a package (sliding scale available) and then book your first session. Write to me with questions or for a free consultation. Find out more about coaching with me.

Recover Equanimity

Recover the serenity, warmth, and graceful acceptance of experience. FInd the flow that is your birthright. Try this easy, everyday, micro-practice of taking refuge.

“There is an ancient peace you carry in your heart
and have not lost.” ~ A Course In Miracles
“The atmosphere, the calmness, and the positivity Jeff brought all combined for a wonderful learning experience.”