Equity, Fees, and Support

“Our task is not to seek for love, but to find all the barriers within we have built against it.” ~ Rumi

Equity Statement

Alove.ca offerings embrace the principles of the Ontario Human Rights Code, with the intention of sharing healing, learning, joy, peace, and love with every human being regardless of ability, affair discovery date (newly betrayed or decades later), age, ancestry, citizenship, color, creed, education, ethnic origin, family status, financial means, gender identity/expression, language, pregnancy, place of origin, race, record of offenses, relationship status (married, common-law, dating, separated, healing alone, etc.), religion (or not), sexual orientation, or any other form of historic oppression. Contact me to arrange any accommodations or supports you may require.

Program Fees

All fees are adjustable based on the sliding scale below. Pay using the links below, or use Paypal, or contact me to arrange an e-transfer or other method.

Financial Support Sliding Scale

Wealth inequity is a major contributor to suffering around the world, which impacts the underprivileged profoundly. The sliding fee scale below recognizes this injustice and provides a way to bridge the gap in a compassionate way. Contact me to arrange barter, pay in installments over time, or with any questions. Financial means need not be a barrier to your thriving. 

I also spend a great deal of time and energy doing volunteer work: running support groups, providing no-cost coaching, and posting free resources. My paid offerings are therefore important to continue this pro bono work as well as help anyone regardless of their ability to pay. For this reason, I offer discounted options (see first three highlighted columns below) and a pay-it-forward option (last green column below) for every offering. To use this scale:

Wealth Health

Annual Income

Ongoing Expenses

Accumulated Wealth

Money Stress

Fee Adjustment

Donations Range


$0 to $15k


$0 or in debt


 50-100% off

best wishes

barely coping

$15k to $30k




25-75% off







0-25% off







(no discount)







25-100% more


This scale is based on Sliding Scales as a Tool for Economic Justice, a brilliant insight into financial privilege by Alexis J. Cunningfolk.