Rebooting Assessment (Damian Cooper, with Jeff Catania)

Assessment is overdue for a reboot, and this book does just that by infusing technology into conversations and performance-based observations. Real-world case studies and differentiated implementation options are available throughout the book to help you identify your current level of knowledge, gain confidence, and hone your skills. 

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Gold Medal for Best Book in Education

Rebooting Assessment won the Independent Book Publishers Association 2023 IBPA Gold Medal for Best Book in Education

"Revolutionary is the only way to describe this must-have book. Any educator who wants to know more about technology-supported effective assessment in the 2020s and beyond will benefit from this approach to using conversations and performances as crucial components of balanced assessment." ~ Ken O'Connor, Author and Consultant 
"The term assess derives from the Latin assidere, meaning 'to sit beside.' Damian Cooper implores educators to return to this root and include conversations with learners as an integral part of a balanced approach to classroom assessment.... I highly recommend this book to educators interested in enriching classroom assessment practices in ways that can enhance learning, not just measure it." ~ Jay McTighe, Author and Consultant